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About us

Parental dog training is formed in 2006. We are focusing mainly on training and rehabilitation of dogs.

Our mission

To train and share knowledge to make your dog best life time companion.


Parental dog training technique is evolved by course of time by senior behavioural trainer karthik. Who is having 13yrs of experience and successfully served more than 1000 clients. His passion and love towards the k9 from childhood forced to develop this Technique and establish this foundation

Technique is simple, fast, and reliable. Focus is mainly in Human as well as canine communication, psychology and bonding.


We handle any bread, any age and any problem. We follow a science and systemic way of approach to train and rehabilitate dog. We also focus on the owners too so that they can build healthy relationship and better way of communication.

We will not step back in any scenario patiently waits and resolve any behavioural issue. Our different activates are designed as fun oriented. Basic manners, basic obedience is designed in such a way that it serves day to day life.Simple basic commends will not help to balance any dog they have to get along with life style and structure. Our training is situational, service and team oriented. We are raising training criteria day by day to meet any dog to any challenges. Through knowledge, patients, skill and trust oriented games will balances any dog's behavioural issue.We offer different sectors of training, boarding and service. Parental dog training is family running sector under respectful eyes of senior most trainers. We provide ultimate care and affection. We provide different exercise, socialisation to all our clients

If you are looking to make your dog well behaved and well obeyed, then you are in the front of right door.