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Greetings from parental dog training

• Are you really wanted to train the dog and make it reliable?
• Are you looking for a good companion?
• Are you facing nipping, chewing, destroying, jumping problems and you can't figure it out and resolve?
• Did you find that trained dog didn't serve or guard?
• Did you ever thought dog have behavioural issues like us (anxiety, fear, insecurity)?
• Do you know the right age and time to make the dog reliable?
• Do you want to acquire knowledge and technique so that in future you don't need a dog trainer?
• You may hear that dog follow trainer but not the owner? Is it true and you wanted to take control?
• Did you ever came across well trained dog behaved totally nuts?
• Do you think a trainer commitment is over by just training the dog?

For all the answers and resolve all your problems and doubts.

Welcome to Parental dog training. Parental dog training formed 8years back to assure a good companion. We provide adequate knowledge about your dog psychology, breed and also train according to the need and specification. Along with training we address any behavioural issue or traumatic conditions of dogs.

Our focus is mainly on training and rehabilitation of dogs. Our mission is to provide healthy relationship and companionship for life time with you and your dog.Ultimate result is better human as well as canine communication, psychology and bonding for ever. Our training sections are fun and activity based programs. The dog follows you and obeys you without any stress and boredom. We also assist with boarding, service and outdoor activity. "Parental dog training trust and bond unshakable"




If you have a puppy. (Just come sit and down will not serve you.)

Dog has to go through puppyhood, adolescence and maturity)

Early behavioural problems (jumping, biting, distraction and running)

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Any age and breed can be transformed.

Dog believe in a present day.Every life has a second chance

Any dog can be rehabilitated and transform as lovely companion.

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Guard dog, search dog,watch dog etc

Boarding-we are offering a good stay,healthy diet,Daily walk,play time also lots of affection and care

Balanced way of communication.Covering dog psychology and different set of activity along with basic obidience.Apart from this we teach some tricks too..

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